Biogenic emissions must be included in the emission inventory

developed for each model simulation (i.e., base case and

control strategy). The biogenic emission processor (BEIS)

that is part of the EPA Emissions Preprocessor System4 should

be used to derive the inventory. Use of alternative land use

factors in the BEIS should be described and documented in the

Protocol Document.

Also, methods other than the BEIS may be considered for

deriving the biogenic emissions. These methods must be

described in the Protocol Document along with justification

for using them.

3.7.6 Point-source and plume-rise cutoff levels

Guidance for initiating ozone/CO SIP emission inventories

pursuant to the 1990 CAAA15 specifies point-source cut-off levels

of 10 tons/yr and 100 tons/yr for VOCs and NOx, respectively. Any

source may be treated as a point source as long as stack data are

specified that allow derivation of effective plume height, and

source location is provided.4 In some cases, the Technical

Committee may wish to treat selected smaller sources as point




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