Biogenic emissions must reflect episode-specific conditions

(see Section 3.7.5).

If available, episode-specific operating rates for point

sources are preferable for estimating temporal point-source

emissions. Procedures for temporally adjusting point and area

sources are also provided in the emission inventory guidance


3.7.5 Biogenic emissions

Biogenic emissions can be a significant portion of the overall

VOC emission inventory for a given domain, particularly in areas of

high vegetative density. The EPA provides the Biogenic Emissions

Inventory System (BEIS), which can develop day-specific, hourly,

gridded, speciated inputs (see Reference 4), and also provides a

national data base of land use distributions with this system.

Spatial variability is limited to the county level (i.e., emissions

are evenly spread throughout the grids within a specific county).

The EPA is currently modifying the BEIS to allow users to

input user-derived and possibly more up-to-date land use

distribution data. Users will be advised of the expected delivery

date of the modified processor via the SCRAM BBS and EPA Regional




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