3.7.4 Episode-specific adjustments

Several source categories of VOC emissions are sensitive to

meteorological conditions. Thus, it is important for modeling

inventories to reflect episode-specific meteorological conditions.13

For example, biogenic emissions, mobile-source evaporative

emissions, and solvent categories will need to reflect specific

modeling days. In addition, known episode-specific events such as

changes in process operations for point sources affect emissions

rates and should be reflected in the episode modeling inventory.


Mobile-source emissions should be adjusted for episodespecific

temperatures. This is done by running the latest EPA

MOBILE model using episode-specific maximum and minimum

temperatures. Chapter 7 of the emission inventory guidance

document13 describes the procedures for deriving episodespecific

mobile-source emissions using the latest MOBILE

model. Use of models other than the latest EPA MOBILE model

should be reviewed by the Technical Committee on a case-bycase

basis, and is subject to approval by the EPA Regional




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