It is recommended that the emission inventory guidance

document13 be consulted for alternative surrogate factor

choices and sources of information for assimilating surrogate

data. The EPA is currently developing a utility to provide

gridded surrogate data. States will be notified of the

availability of gridded surrogate data through the EPA

Regional Offices.

3.7.3 Mobile sources

Development of gridded, time-variant mobile-source inputs

raises several concerns and often represents the largest fraction

of effort when assimilating mobile-source emissions inputs.

Mobile-source emissions have been compiled from original data or

from existing county-level emissions.13 Developing gridded mobilesource

emissions from original data requires aggregating sub-gridcell-

level components. This may require exercising transportation

models that produce inputs for the mobile-source emissions model

(i.e., the latest EPA MOBILE model), and then performing the

necessary spatial allocations to grid cells and temporal

distribution over every hour. This practice is far from



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