formulations of gasoline and use of alternative fuels. Speciation

guidance for these fuels will be provided by the EPA Office of

Mobile Sources (OMS) through the appropriate EPA Regional Office.


It is recommended that local speciation profiles for pointsource

and area-source categories be used whenever feasible.

The Technical Committee should determine the appropriateness

of using local or national default speciation profiles.

Profiles used in the modeling demonstration must be

documented, and any changes assumed in profiles as the result

of control strategies must be identified and justified.

3.7.2 Spatial gridding of area sources

Area-source emission data, including motor vehicle emission

data, are often supplied on a county basis. Spatial allocation of

county-level emission estimates to grid cells is performed for each

identified area-source category; the allocation requires use of

surrogate distribution factors such as population distribution,

land use, and road type. The UAM EPS4 contains a program that uses

gridded surrogate factors to allocate county-level emissions data

to the grid cell size of the modeling domain.



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