Addressed below are the following issues that arise in

developing emission input data: (1) use of speciation profiles,

(2) use of surrogate factors to grid area sources, (3) treatment of

mobile sources and top/down versus bottom/up approaches, (4)

episodic adjustment of inventories to day-specific modeling inputs,

(5) treatment of biogenic emissions, (6) cutoff levels for NOx

point sources, and (7) consistency with national inventories.

3.7.1 VOC speciation

The EPA provides "default" nationwide VOC speciation profiles

for various source category codes (SCCs).13 Use of local speciation

information, especially for major emitters, is preferable to

national default profiles. If feasible, major VOC point- and areasource

categories should be surveyed to determine appropriate VOC

composition profiles. In many cases, both the quantity and the

composition of emissions change as process operations are modified.

To the extent feasible, this should be accounted for when deriving

local speciation profiles and in simulating control strategies.

The emissions inventory guidance document13 provides details on

developing local speciation profiles.

Most current-year applications are likely to rely on existing

default data for speciating mobile-source emissions. Projected

future-year mobile-source emissions files may be based on different



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