emissions" to the years by which the CAAA specify that the NAAQS

must be attained. Reference 14 describes the appropriate

methodology for making emission projections. The resulting

"attainment year modeling inventory" is used as a starting point

from which to construct "strategy inventories." A "strategy

inventory" is obtained by superimposing additional control measures

on sources of emissions in the "attainment year modeling


In summary, a 1990 modeling inventory is first adjusted to

evaluate UAM performance. The 1990 modeling inventory is then

readjusted to reflect emissions most likely at the time the CAAA

require attainment of the NAAQS.

Two emission files drive the UAM, a file of emissions that are

injected into the first, surface-based vertical layer, and an

elevated point source file of emissions that are injected into

vertical layers above ground level. The UAM Emissions Preprocessing

System (EPS)4 reads county-level area- and point-source

files and performs four major functions: (1) area sources and point

sources are allocated to grid cells; (2) temporal profiles are

assigned to source categories; (3) hydrocarbon speciation profiles

are assigned to source categories, and (4) point sources with

effective plume heights greater than a prescribed cutoff level are

assigned to the elevated point source file and the remaining point

sources are assigned to the surface-layer emissions file.



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