Plans.12 It is important to note that the 1990 modeling inventory

will not be identical to the 1990 nonattainment area inventory

required for reasonable further progress (RFP) tracking under

Section 182 of the CAAA. For example, the modeling inventory will

probably have to cover a larger geographical area than that

required for the nonattainment area inventory. The discussion of

modeling domain and boundary-condition issues in Sections 3.2 and

3.6 makes it clear that the modeling inventory must encompass a

larger area than the nonattainment MSA. A complete description of

relationships between the modeling inventory and the nonattainment

area inventory is provided in Procedures for the Preparation of

Emission Inventories for Volatile Organic Compounds, Volume II:

Emission Inventory Requirements for Photochemical Air Quality

Simulation Models (Revised).13 Additional guidance for developing

the modeling emission inventory is found in Reference 4.

For use in regulatory applications of the UAM, the 1990

modeling inventory will have to undergo several adjustments.

First, the inventory needs to be adjusted to be consistent with

meteorological conditions during each selected episode (i.e., "1990

day-specific emissions"). Second, the resulting "1990 day-specific

emissions" should be adjusted to reflect control programs and

activity levels prevailing during the year(s) of selected episodes.

For example, if a selected episode occurred in 1988, the "1990 dayspecific

emissions" would be further adjusted to reflect controls

and activity levels prevailing in 1988. This latter adjustment is

needed to provide an estimate of emissions most suitable for

evaluating performance of the UAM.

As noted in Chapter 1, once the UAM's performance has been

evaluated and the model has been determined to perform

satisfactorily, it is used to derive control strategies to attain

the NAAQS. This requires another adjustment to the "1990 dayspecific

emissions" described above. This adjustment entails use

of growth factors, ongoing control programs and retirement rates

for obsolete sources of emissions to project "1990 day-specific

emissions" to the years by which the CAAA specify that the NAAQS



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