acceptable has not actually resulted from compensating errors

in the data bases. Additional diagnostic analyses may be

necessary for lean data bases from historical episodes.

If it is determined that the existing air quality monitoring

program does not meet the requirements for the enhanced ozone

monitoring system, responsible regulatory agencies should

begin planning for development of an enhanced ozone monitoring

system for potential future modeling studies.

3.7 Emissions

The credibility of UAM applications is directly tied to

formulating the best possible emission inputs. Model performance

may hinge on how well emissions are estimated. Also, in the

attainment demonstration, modeling results are used to determine

emission scenarios that lead to improved air quality levels

consistent with the NAAQS. A faulty emission inventory could lead

to erroneous conclusions about the extent of needed controls and,

in some cases, errors in judgment about the need to control certain

classes of precursors (e.g., NOx).

Developing photochemical model emission input data is the most

intensive task of model applications, and requires consideration of

many issues. The source of the UAM modeling emission inventory

will be the 1990 SIP nonattainment base year inventory required

under the CAAA of 1990 for all ozone nonattainment areas. A

further discussion of the 1990 base year inventory is contained in

Emission Inventory Requirements for Ozone State Implementation



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