3.6.2 Performance Evaluation Data

Air quality data are needed to diagnose problems in setting up

model applications and assessing model performance for the

meteorological episodes being considered in the attainment

demonstration. A lean air quality data base may introduce

significant uncertainties in characterizing model performance.

Under Title I, Section 182 of the CAAA of 1990, the EPA is

required to develop regulations for enhanced monitoring of ozone

and ozone precursors in serious, severe, and extreme ozone

nonattainment areas. When promulgated, these regulations will

specify criteria for network design, monitor siting, monitoring

methods, operating schedule, quality assurance, and data

submittal.11 The enhanced ozone monitoring system is designed to

provide a more comprehensive data base for model input and to

improve model performance evaluation.


It is recommended that the data base used in the attainment

demonstration modeling meet the requirements for the

enhanced ozone monitoring system to be promulgated by the EPA.

However, the EPA recognizes that some historical episodes that

will be used in the attainment demonstration modeling for the

November 1994 ozone SIP submittals may have data bases that

would not meet the requirements for an enhanced ozone

monitoring system. Under these conditions, the data bases

should be scrutinized in detail by the Technical Committee to

help ensure that model performance that appears to be

acceptable has not actually resulted from compensating errors



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