have been modeled on a regional scale. Second, there may be

inconsistencies in mass conservation when applying ROM-derived

initial and boundary conditions in conjunction with wind fields not

derived from the ROM wind field (see Section 3.5.1). The

combinations of concentrations and wind velocities produced by the

ROM-UAM Interface System represent mass fluxes passing through the

urban-scale modeling domain. In cases where ROM-derived initial

and boundary conditions are applied without ROM-generated wind

fields, locally developed wind fields may need to be evaluated for

mass consistency throughout the urban-scale domain. Methods for

addressing this problem will need to be chosen on a case-by-case

basis. A general procedure for enhancing mass consistency is

described in Section 3.5.1. Additionally, initial and boundary

conditions derived from the ROM data should be compared with

corresponding monitoring data wherever available. This will ensure

that the ROM wind fields adequately represent the transport of

ozone and precursors into the domain region.


It is recommended that, whenever feasible, the ROM-UAM

Interface System be applied to derive the initial and boundary

conditions for the episode(s) being modeled. If the Interface

System is used to derive the initial and boundary conditions,

it is also recommended that it be used to derive the UAM

gridded wind field, unless there is sufficient justification

that other techniques for deriving the wind field are more


In cases for which ROM predictions are not available, it is

generally recommended that measured data be used to establish

the initial and boundary conditions, provided the Technical

Committee identified in the Protocol determines the data are

adequate. If measured data are not adequate, the default

values may be used. To diminish sensitivity of results to

assumed initial conditions, simulations should begin 1 day

prior to each primary day.



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