Initial- and boundary-condition concentrations are influenced

by large- and small-scale weather patterns and emissions distributions

that are unique to each modeling domain. Thus, casespecific

attributes should be used in estimating these concentrations

whenever feasible. For example, boundary concentrations of

hydrocarbons, particularly those species (or intermediate products)

emitted from vegetation, are likely to be higher in urban areas

surrounded by dense vegetation than in areas surrounded by sparse



It is recommended that use of default values to establish

boundary conditions be limited to areas surrounded by large

expanses of low-density anthropogenic emissions. Accordingly,

the modeling domain may need to envelop rural areas.

Those choosing to use default values should plan to perform

diagnostic/sensitivity simulations (see Chapter 4) to evaluate

the sensitivity of domain-interior model predictions to the

boundary conditions.

Table 2 lists the recommended default boundary values for the

chemical species used in the model. Use of default boundary

values under regional transport conditions should be closely

evaluated. When using default values, the boundary of the

domain should extend as far upwind as practicable.

To diminish dependence on arbitrary specification of initial

conditions, a simulation should begin at least 1 day prior to

the primary day.




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