Use of measured data - All sources of air quality data for a

particular modeling domain should be evaluated for applicability in

establishing initial and boundary conditions. Unfortunately, most

ongoing monitoring programs have been designed (understandably so)

with a receptor-based orientation. While available monitoring data

are useful for evaluating model performance, they usually are not

adequate for establishing initial and boundary concentrations.


To develop initial and boundary conditions, it is recommended

that one or more monitoring stations be sited upwind of the

central urban area along prevailing wind trajectories that

give rise to ozone exceedances.

The sampling and analysis program should provide data to

calculate hourly values for ozone, NO, NO2, and speciated


At the inflow boundaries, air quality data at the surface and

aloft should be used whenever available to specify the

boundary conditions. Default values (Table 2) may be used

where necessary.

Use of default values - Some urban areas may lack adequate

data suitable for establishing initial and boundary conditions.

Section 3.2 on domain selection and Chapter 4 on diagnostic

analyses recommend constructing domains and simulation periods

large enough to minimize the sensitivity of inner core and downwind

concentrations to assumed initial and boundary conditions.



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