It is recommended that, at a minimum, the techniques

described in Reference 2 be used in establishing the mixing

height field in the domain.

The choice of upper-air stations to be used in the mixing

height calculations should be based on prevailing wind fields

and location of the upper-air stations relative to the UAM

domain. If there are no upper-air stations within the domain,

stations outside the domain may need to be used. A trained

meteorologist should be consulted on the selection of upperair

stations for use in determining mixing heights.

The techniques for generating the mixing height field should

be described in the Protocol Document. Techniques other than

that described in Reference 2 should be documented and


3.5.4 Clear-sky assumption for photolysis rate calculations

For regulatory UAM applications, clear-sky conditions have

typically been assumed for photolysis rate calculations in the

METSCALARS processor. The UAM's current structure does not allow

for spatial variation in cloud cover, so the choice is either

uniformly clear or a uniform cloud cover based on a mean cloud

cover over the domain. Use of mean cloud cover could significantly

understate reaction activity in "clear" patches of the domain.

Potentially, this could be a more serious error than assuming

clear-sky conditions and simulating an overall excess of "domainwide"

insolation. Additionally, the ROM-UAM Interface System

IMETSCL processor assumes clear-sky conditions for photolysis rate



For applications involving the current regulatory version of

the UAM, it is recommended that clear-sky conditions be

assumed for calculating photolytic rate constants in the

METSCALARS processor.




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