the data have been adequately quality assured. Additionally,

the EPA guideline entitled On-Site Meteorological Program

Guidance for Regulatory Modeling Application9 should be

consulted to assess whether the supplementary data reflect

proper siting of meteorological instruments and appropriate

data reduction procedures.

In planning a special field study to provide a more spatially

and temporally dense meteorological data base, the number of

surface meteorological monitoring stations should be

sufficient to describe the predominant wind flow features

within the modeling domain. An experienced meteorologist

familiar with local climatic patterns should be consulted

concerning the location and suitability of the surface

meteorological stations. Vertical sounders or profilers are

highly encouraged in a special field study to resolve winds

aloft and mixing heights. Any special field study and

monitoring program should be planned in consultation with the

appropriate EPA Regional Office before implementing the study.

3.5.3 Mixing heights

Predictions from the UAM have been shown to be sensitive to

the mixing height field.6 Therefore, the temporal variations in

the mixing height field over the UAM domain should be described as

realistically as possible. The UAM modeling system contains a

methodology for deriving mixing heights (diffusion break in the

UAM) based on surface temperatures, vertical sounding measurements

of temperature, and cloud cover (see Reference 2). However,

because of the diversity of techniques and data bases that may be

available on a case-by-case basis, we cannot recommend a specific

procedure for deriving the mixing height field in all cases.



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