The selection of a specific technique for generating the

domain wind field depends largely on (1) availability of concurrent

ROM diagnostic wind fields, (2) the spatial and temporal resolution

of surface and upper-air observations, (3) available modeling

expertise in applying alternative meteorological models, and (4)

available computer resources. However, some guidelines on

preferences for generating the wind fields are as follows.


The ROM-UAM Interface System should be used to derive the UAM

gridded wind fields when the UAM domain is nested within a ROM

domain for concurrent time periods and ROM predictions are

used to derive the hourly UAM boundary conditions. If it is

judged by the Technical Committee (and identified in the

Protocol) that a wind field derived from the UAM DWM is more

representative of the domain-scale flow, then this wind field

may be used in lieu of the ROM diagnostic wind field. To

minimize mass inconsistency problems, the ROM-gridded winds

may be used as the initial wind field in the DWM (see

Reference 3) when generating the UAM gridded wind field.

For cases in which concurrent ROM applications are

unavailable, it is recommended that the DWM be used to

generate the UAM gridded wind fields. The use of other

techniques for deriving the wind field, such as prognostic

wind models or other objective techniques, may be employed on

a case-by-case basis, subject to approval from the appropriate

EPA Regional Office.



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