thermodynamic processes

More recently, an additional methodology has been developed in

areas where the EPA ROM has been applied. Computer software has

been developed to map a ROM diagnostic gridded wind field into a

nested UAM domain.5

Objective analysis - These procedures generally involve

straightforward interpolative techniques. They have the advantage

of being relatively simple and inexpensive to use. The primary

disadvantages are that these analyses contain limited physical

concepts, and results are highly dependent upon the temporal and

spatial resolution of the observed values. Thus, in domains

containing sparse observational data or complex topography, results

may be unsatisfactory.

Diagnostic wind models - These models improve mass consistency

for the flow fields. This may be addressed through parameterizations

for terrain blocking effects and upslope and downslope flows,

as in the UAM Diagnostic Wind Model.3 Diagnostic models generally

require minimal computer resources and can produce a threedimensional

wind field. However, diagnostic models need

representative observational data to generate features such as land

and sea breezes.



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