It is recommended that the size of the horizontal grid cells

should not be greater than 5 x 5 km. Grid cell sizes coarser

than this should be justified and should, at a minimum,

address items 1-3 above. Smaller grid cell sizes are

encouraged because they allow more accurate gridding of area

and mobile sources. Additionally, emissions from major point

sources are better characterized by smaller grid cell sizes.

However, grid cell sizes smaller than 2 x 2 km are not

recommended because of potential model formulation

inconsistencies for those grid sizes.

3.4 Number of Vertical Layers

In specifying the number of vertical layers, issues analogous

to those raised for horizontal grid cell dimensions must be

addressed. Again, a compromise is generally needed between the

number of vertical layers and the adequacy of available data bases

and computer resources. It is important that sources with tall

stacks or sources having plumes with high buoyancy be assigned to

an appropriate altitude. Pollutants in elevated, buoyant, pointsource

plumes often have effective release heights in layers well

above the surface. Increased vertical resolution allows more

accurate representation of the vertical layer at which these

emissions interact with emissions occurring closer to the ground.

Also, increased vertical resolution minimizes dilution that may

result from placing emissions into artificially large vertical

layers. Finally, increased vertical resolution improves the

simulation of when and where plumes are mixed to ground level.

Simulation of the chemistry between individual plumes and the

environment can be greatly affected by how well the model simulates

mixing of these plumes with the ambient air.



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