more comprehensive model performance evaluation may be

needed for the selected day, as described in Chapter 5.

5. At least 1 day should be modeled from each identified

meteorological regime. Further, a minimum of 3 days from

among all meteorological regimes should be modeled for

the attainment demonstration (e.g., three meteorological

regimes each containing 1 primary episode day, or two

meteorological regimes with at least 2 primary days from

one of those regimes). Using the model results in the

attainment demonstration is described in Section 6.4.

States may want to consider a technique other than the one

outlined in steps 1-5 for selecting modeling episodes. Any such

techniques should be described in the Modeling Protocol and

approved by the appropriate EPA Regional Office.

Consideration of several meteorological regimes that

correspond to observed daily maximum ozone levels above 0.12 ppm is

important, because certain emission control strategies that are

effective in reducing peak ozone under some meteorological

conditions may be less so under others. The goal is to develop

strategies that are robust with respect to effectiveness over most




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