3. Rank each candidate episode day within each regime

according to the magnitude of the peak observed ozone

concentration (ranked highest are days with the highest

observed daily maximum ozone from among all sites in or

near a nonattainment Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical

Area/Metropolitan Statistical Area [CMSA/MSA]).

4. Select the episode days for modeling from among the three

highest ranked episode days from each meteorological

regime. In choosing from among the top-ranked episode

days, consider the availability and quality of air

quality and meteorological data bases, the availability

of supporting regional modeling analyses, the number of

monitors recording daily maximum ozone concentrations

greater than 0.12 ppm (i.e., pervasiveness), number of

hours for which ozone in excess of 0.12 ppm is observed,

frequency with which the observed meteorological conditions

correspond with observed exceedances, and model

performance (discussed in Chapter 5). For example, the

top-ranked episode day within a meteorological regime may

have only routine air quality and meteorological data

bases available for use in the modeling. The thirdhighest

day, however, may have occurred during an

intensive field study, so that a more comprehensive data

base is available. Thus, the third-highest day may be

more desirable for modeling than the top-ranked day. As

another example, the three highest-ranked episode days

may have air quality and meteorological data bases of

similar quality and quantity, and the number of

monitoring sites recording daily maximum ozone greater

than 0.12 ppm may also be similar. If model performance

on the initially chosen day is questionable, the

Technical Committee may wish to consider a second- or

third-ranked day from the three highest-ranked days for

a regime. The day with the overall best model

performance may be selected as the primary day for



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