Described in this chapter are the following topics: episode

selection, domain selection, meteorological data, air quality data,

and emissions inventories. Choices made in each topic area are

often interrelated. Accordingly, decisions concerning a particular

topic area probably will be based on consideration of several

areas. In several topic areas, recommendations are made concerning

minimum requirements for data availability and modeling resolution.

To reduce uncertainties in modeling inputs and outputs, users are

encouraged to exceed these minimum recommendations whenever


3.1 Episode Selection

A major component of the Modeling Protocol is selection of

meteorological episodes. In general, episode selection involves a

review (described below) of several multiday periods during which

high ozone was monitored. At least 1 day is chosen as the day of

primary interest for each selected episode. Model simulations

typically begin at least one day prior to the day of primary

interest. This minimizes the effects of assumed initial conditions

on predicted concentrations for the critical day. The length of a

modeled episode is generally a minimum of 48 hours, and the last

day in this period--the day of primary interest--is referred to as

the "primary day."



n1101 - n1102 - n1103 - n1104 - n1105 - n1106 - n1107 - n1108 - n1109 - n1110 - n1111 - n1112 - n1113 - n1114 - n1115 - n1116 - n1117 - n1118 - n1119 - n1120 - n1121 - n1122 - n1123 - n1124 - n1125 - n1126 - n1127 - n1128 - n1129 - n1130 - n1131 - n1132 - n1133 - n1134 - n1135 - n1136 - n1137 - n1138 - n1139 - n1140 - n1141 - n1142 - n1143 - n1144 - n1145 - n1146 - n1147 - n1148 - n1149 - n1150


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