the Modeling Protocol. The composition and responsibilities

of the Committees should be defined in the Protocol.

The Modeling Protocol and any modifications to it should be

agreed upon by all parties involved in the study, through the

Policy Oversight Committee. It is especially important that

the State/local agency participants and EPA Regional Office(s)

overseeing the modeling study concur on any Protocol

modifications. Protocol modifications should be documented

for subsequent public review.

For some nonattainment areas, regional modeling is being

planned to provide initial and boundary conditions as well as

other inputs for the urban-area modeling attainment

demonstrations. Procedures for coordinating the development

of the urban-area Modeling Protocol with the regional Modeling

Protocol should be clearly described.

It is especially important that close technical coordination

be maintained during the Protocol development among nearby

urban-area domains within a regional modeling domain.

Procedures should be established for coordinating the Modeling

Protocols among these areas, and these coordination procedures

should be clearly specified in each nonattainment area's

Modeling Protocol.


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