For some areas, regional modeling is being planned to

establish initial and boundary conditions for urban-area modeling

attainment demonstrations. The urban-area Modeling Protocol

development should be coordinated with the regional Modeling

Protocol. Some members of the urban-area Policy Oversight and

Technical Committees would probably also be members of the regional

Policy Oversight and Technical Committees.

The Modeling Protocol must be submitted to the appropriate EPA

Regional Modeling Contact for review and approval. The EPA

Regional Modeling Contact should be a member of the Policy

Oversight and/or Technical Committees so that rapid review and

approval of the Protocol is assured.


A Protocol Document is required for each UAM application used

for an ozone attainment demonstration. This Protocol should

describe the methods and procedures to be used for conducting

the photochemical modeling study.

Additionally, it is recommended that both a Policy Oversight

Committee and a Technical Committee be established to develop



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