All issues concerning the modeling study must be thoroughly

addressed during the Protocol development. Modifications to the

Protocol as the study progresses should not be needed unless

significant, unforeseen procedural and/or technical issues are

encountered. All parties involved in the study should agree to

Protocol modifications through the Modeling Policy Oversight

Committee (see below). It is especially important that the State/

local agencies and EPA Regional Office(s) overseeing the study

concur on Protocol modifications.

2.1 Protocol Development Process

Ordinarily, the State agency responsible for developing the

ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP) is also the lead agency

responsible for developing the Modeling Protocol. For domains

encompassing parts of more than one State, the responsible State

agencies need to develop the Modeling Protocol jointly. The

Protocol should describe the modeling policy and technical

objectives of the study. This will require input from various EPA

and State/local personnel dealing with regulatory policy issues and



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