Regulatory application of the UAM potentially affects a broad

spectrum of society. The UAM modeling domains may encompass

multiple geopolitical boundaries (counties, cities, and States)

with a potentially large regulated community. Therefore, the

development of a Modeling Protocol is required. This Protocol is

necessary to (1) promote technical credibility, (2) encourage the

participation of all interested parties, (3) provide for consensus

building among all interested parties concerning modeling issues,

and (4) provide documentation for technical decisions made in

applying the model as well as the procedures followed in reaching

these decisions.

The Protocol should detail and formalize procedures for

conducting all phases of the modeling study, such as (1) describing

the background and objectives for the study, (2) creating a

schedule and organizational structure for the study, (3) developing

the input data, (4) conducting diagnostic and model performance

evaluations, (5) interpreting modeling results, (6) describing

procedures for using the model to demonstrate whether proposed

strategies are sufficient to attain the ozone NAAQS, and (7)

producing documentation and data analyses that must be submitted

for EPA Regional Office review and approval.



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