Figure 1. Science process modules in Models-3 CMAQ. Independent processors are represented with

round rectangles and interface processes are shown with rectangular boxes. Typical science process

modules (in hexagon boxes) update the concentration field directly and the data-provider modules (e.g.,

Photolysis routine in a pentagon box) include routines to feed appropriate environmental input data to the

science process modules.

Figure 2. Driver module and its science process call sequence.

Figure 3. Grid-size dependent horizontal diffusivity used in CMAQ (estimated for different magnitude of

deformation, from 10-6 to 10-3 s-1).

Figure 4. Evolution of aerosol size distributions for the clear, urban, and hazy cases. Initial conditions of

Seigneur et al [95] are used.

Figure 5. Comparison of PinG modeled species concentrations for ozone (solid line), NOy (thick solid line)

and SO2 (long dash) versus observed plume concentrations obtained from a horizontal aircraft traverse

intercepting multiple point source plumes from Johnsonville (extreme left plume) and the Cumberland

plume (in the middle) near Nashville, Tennessee, 18:45 UTC, 7 July, 1995.

Figure 6. Scatterplot of daily maximum 8-hr average ozone concentrations (ppb) from continental U.S.

AIRS stations for the period June 15-July 16, 1999 versus comparable CMAQ model estimates. Solid

lines are 2:1 and 1:2 boundaries and dotted line is best fit to data.

Figure 7. Scatterplot of daily average PM2.5 concentrations (:g m-3) from continental U.S. monitoring

stations for the period June 15-July 16, 1999 versus comparable CMAQ model estimates. Results are

color-coded according to eastern or western U.S. Solid lines are 1:1 as well as 2:1 and 1:2.

n1101 - n1102 - n1103 - n1104 - n1105 - n1106 - n1107 - n1108 - n1109 - n1110 - n1111 - n1112 - n1113 - n1114 - n1115 - n1116 - n1117 - n1118 - n1119 - n1120 - n1121 - n1122 - n1123 - n1124 - n1125 - n1126 - n1127 - n1128 - n1129 - n1130 - n1131 - n1132 - n1133 - n1134 - n1135 - n1136 - n1137 - n1138 - n1139 - n1140 - n1141 - n1142 - n1143 - n1144 - n1145 - n1146 - n1147 - n1148 - n1149 - n1150


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