CGRID_MAP UTIL Sets up pointers for different concentration species: gas chemistry, aerosol,

non-reactive, and tracer species

INITSCEN INIT* Initializes simulation time period, time stepping constants, and

concentration arrays for the driver

ADVSTEP DRIVER Computes the model synchronization time step and number of repetitions

for the output time step



COUPLE* Converts units and couples or de-couples concentration values with the

density and Jacobian for transport

SCIPROC DRIVER Controls all of the physical and chemical processes for a grid (currently,

two versions are available: symmetric and asymmetric around the

chemistry processes)

XADV, YADV HADV Computes advection in horizontal plane (x- and y-directions)

ZADV VADV Computes advection in the vertical direction in the generalized coordinate


ADJADV ADJCON Adjusts concentration fields to ensure mixing ratio conservation given mass

consistency error in meteorology data

HDIFF HDIFF Computes horizontal diffusion

VDIFF VDIFF Computes vertical diffusion and deposition

CHEM CHEM Solves gas-phase chemistry

PING PING Computes effects of plume-in-grid process

AERO AERO Computes aerosol dynamics, particle formation, and deposition

CLDPRC CLOUD Computes cloud mixing and aqueous chemistry

PA_UPDATE PROCAN Computes amount of concentration change of each process call

&CMAQ includes other modules that are not called by driver. Thye are mostly classes for modules to

compute necessary interim paramters, such as PHOT for modification of photolysis rates for cloud

attenuation and AERO_DEPV for estimating particl size dependent dry deposition velocites used by


*Represents a process class that is part of DRIVER function.


n1101 - n1102 - n1103 - n1104 - n1105 - n1106 - n1107 - n1108 - n1109 - n1110 - n1111 - n1112 - n1113 - n1114 - n1115 - n1116 - n1117 - n1118 - n1119 - n1120 - n1121 - n1122 - n1123 - n1124 - n1125 - n1126 - n1127 - n1128 - n1129 - n1130 - n1131 - n1132 - n1133 - n1134 - n1135 - n1136 - n1137 - n1138 - n1139 - n1140 - n1141 - n1142 - n1143 - n1144 - n1145 - n1146 - n1147 - n1148 - n1149 - n1150


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