for current and future air quality modeling assessment needs.


The authors express their appreciation to many members of

the air quality science community who contributed to the

CMAQ model development project and to this paper. In

particular we express great thanks to William Benjey, Jason

Ching, Robin Dennis, Brian Eder, Gerald Gipson, James

Godowitch, Joan Novak, Tanya Otte, Tom Pierce, Jonathan

Pleim, Shawn Roselle, Jeffrey Young, Carey Jang and Mark

Houyoux of U.S. EPA, Francis Binkowski, Adel Hanna,

Kiran Alapaty, Carlie Coats, John McHenry, Rohit Mathur,

Uma Shankar, and Aijun Xiu of Carolina Environmental

Programs/UNC-Chapel Hill, Sharon LeDuc of NOAA, Noor

Gillani and Arastoo Biazar of University of Alabama-

Huntsville, Ruen Tang of CSC Corp., David Wong of SAIC

Corp., Talat Odman of Georgia Institute of Technology, and

Avraham Lacser, Sang-Mi Lee, and Seiji Sugata who were

visiting scientists in the CMAQ development group at U.S.

EPA. Thanks are also extended to EPA internal reviewers

Deborah Luecken and Patrick Dolwick, and to Michelle

Mebust who provided valuable editorial advice and

assistance on the manuscript.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency,

through its Office of Research and Development, funded

and managed the research described here. This research has

been subjected to Agency review and approved for





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