August 25 showed light easterly winds resulting in

maximum ozone at Crawford at the center of the Houston

area. August 26, 27 and 28 were low ozone days. Stronger

southeasterly sea breeze winds resulted in substantially

lower ozone in the HGA and transported the diluted urban

plume to Conroe. August 29, 30, and 31 showed light

westerly winds followed by an afternoon sea breeze which

positioned the ozone pool on the east side of the city at Mt.

Belview, La Porte and Deer Park. September 1 had a

relatively persistent westerly wind, which carried the


maximum ozone to the Baytown monitor and areas further


Model set up

We used MM5 simulations for the TexAQS 2000 period,

provided by Nielsen-Gammon [114]. The simulation used a

slab soil model with temporally varying soil moisture that

was modified in the urban area to make it wetter and the

rural areas to make it drier. MM5 Version3 Release 6

(MM5v3.6) was used. MM5 physics options applied

include: 1) Grell cumulus scheme on the 108-, 36- and 12-

km domains with 43-modeling layers, 2) MRF PBL scheme,

3) Dudhia simple ice microphysical scheme and cloudradiation

scheme. The first guess initialization field and

boundary conditions were from the NCEP Eta model on the

Eta212 (AWIP 40 km domain) and upper air analysis

nudging was used. The wind profiler measurements during

the TexAQS 2000 study period provided a unique

opportunity to compare the MM5 simulation of planetary

boundary layer (PBL) heights with the observations. It

showed that MM5 simulated 10-30% higher PBL heights

than observations. For air quality simulations, the 43-layer

data have been reduced to 22-layer, where collapsing was

applied for layers above 3-km height.


n1051 - n1052 - n1053 - n1054 - n1055 - n1056 - n1057 - n1058 - n1059 - n1060 - n1061 - n1062 - n1063 - n1064 - n1065 - n1066 - n1067 - n1068 - n1069 - n1070 - n1071 - n1072 - n1073 - n1074 - n1075 - n1076 - n1077 - n1078 - n1079 - n1080 - n1081 - n1082 - n1083 - n1084 - n1085 - n1086 - n1087 - n1088 - n1089 - n1090 - n1091 - n1092 - n1093 - n1094 - n1095 - n1096 - n1097 - n1098 - n1099 - n1100


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