stress the aerosol dynamics algorithms. For the clear case,

we see only little change in the number density distribution.

No changes in the distributions of volume and surface area

are noticeable. For the urban case, change in the number

concentration is dramatic and the volume and surface area

distributions show corresponding evolutionary patterns. The

hazy case shows tremendous increase in the region below

0.1 μm (i.e., Aitken mode) for all three moments,

representing the effects of the condensation process. The

important point to be emphasized here is that condensation

of secondary material upon an existing particle distribution

can have a much larger effect on changing the distribution

than coagulation.

The effects of aerosol chemistry and dynamics on aerosol

species concentrations are solved with a fractional time step


where Raeroi represents processes such as new particle

formation and growth and depletion of existing particles.

Qaeroi stands for all the external sink and source terms, and

vˆ g is the contravariant sedimentation velocity. The generic

concentration units for the aerosol process are [μg m-3]

(density) for aerosol mass, [number m-3] for aerosol particle

number density, and [m2 m-3] for surface area density.

Because the aerosol process is called between the pair of

couple/decouple calls, the input concentration is already

decoupled and the following set of governing equations are

solved in the aerosol process module:



n1051 - n1052 - n1053 - n1054 - n1055 - n1056 - n1057 - n1058 - n1059 - n1060 - n1061 - n1062 - n1063 - n1064 - n1065 - n1066 - n1067 - n1068 - n1069 - n1070 - n1071 - n1072 - n1073 - n1074 - n1075 - n1076 - n1077 - n1078 - n1079 - n1080 - n1081 - n1082 - n1083 - n1084 - n1085 - n1086 - n1087 - n1088 - n1089 - n1090 - n1091 - n1092 - n1093 - n1094 - n1095 - n1096 - n1097 - n1098 - n1099 - n1100


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