Euler Backward Iterative (MEBI) - that are faster than either

of the generalized solvers and more accurate than the QSSA

solver. Thus far, the fastest solver, EBI, has been developed

only for the CB4 mechanism, but MEBI solvers are

available for other mechanisms.

Brief descriptions of the basic gas-phase mechanisms

currently in the CMAQ system are included below. It

should be noted that, methane is assumed to have a constant

mixing ratio of 1.85 ppm in CMAQ. Hence, the secondorder

reaction of the hydroxyl radical with methane in each

mechanism is replaced by a pseudo first-order reaction using

the assumed methane abundance. Other changes made to

the mechanisms include extensions to isoprene chemistry

and extensions to provide linkages to aqueous chemistry and

aerosols. With respect to linkages to heterogeneous

processes, four different versions of each mechanism have

been created – one with no linkages (for simulating gasphase

chemistry only), one with linkages for modeling gasphase

and aqueous chemistry only, one with linkages for

modeling gas-phase chemistry and aerosols only, and one

with linkages for modeling all three processes collectively.

While it is anticipated that the fully coupled mechanisms

would be used most often, the other less detailed treatments

are included as options to provide savings in computer

resources if the user desires to omit some of the

heterogeneous processes.



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