where fc is the cloud coverage fraction (cloud fraction is

interpolated from hourly data for each grid cell), θ is the

zenith angle, and tr is the cloud transmissivity. Below

cloud photolysis rates will be lower than the clear-sky

values due to the reduced transmission of radiation through

the cloud. The cloud transmissivity is calculated by:


where fsc is the scattering phase function asymmetry factor

(assumed to be 0.86) and δ cld is the cloud optical depth.

We have replaced the cloud optical depth equation in

RADM with one taken from Stephens [75]. The original


RADM required an estimate of the cloud droplet radius,

which was assumed to be 10 μm. The empirical formula for

δcld from Stephens [75]:

is only a function of liquid water path (W), where

W = LΔzcld (g m-2), L is the liquid water content (g m-3), and

Δ zcld is the cloud thickness. The above cloud top photolysis

rates are calculated as:



n1051 - n1052 - n1053 - n1054 - n1055 - n1056 - n1057 - n1058 - n1059 - n1060 - n1061 - n1062 - n1063 - n1064 - n1065 - n1066 - n1067 - n1068 - n1069 - n1070 - n1071 - n1072 - n1073 - n1074 - n1075 - n1076 - n1077 - n1078 - n1079 - n1080 - n1081 - n1082 - n1083 - n1084 - n1085 - n1086 - n1087 - n1088 - n1089 - n1090 - n1091 - n1092 - n1093 - n1094 - n1095 - n1096 - n1097 - n1098 - n1099 - n1100


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