Users can specify the absorption cross section and quantum

yield data. As default, CMAQ contains standard sets of

cross section/quantum yield data for the CB4, the RADM2,

and the SAPRC mechanisms in JPROC. The O2 and O3

absorption cross section data are from NASA data (DeMore


et al. [72]) and seasonal vertical ozone profiles are used. If

total ozone column data are available (such as data measured

by the Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer (TOMS)

instrument aboard the sun-synchronous, polar-orbiting

Nimbus satellite), then the interpolated profiles are

uniformly re-scaled to match the measured total ozone

column data. TOMS data are archived and available at the

National Satellite Service Data Center (NSSDC) in the form

of digital daily maps with a resolution of 1 degree latitude

by 1.25 degrees longitude. The TOMS data are averaged

over each latitudinal band in JPROC. To account for the

effects of the temperature and pressure on the absorption

over each latitudinal band in JPROC. To account for the

effects of the temperature and pressure on the absorption

cross sections and quantum yields for each photolysis

reaction, JPROC utilizes seasonal vertical profiles of

temperature and pressure as in RADM.

The albedo data by Demerjian et al. [73], given as a function

of wavelength, are used in the current version of JPROC. A

single vertical profile of aerosol attenuation coefficients

(Elterman [74]) is used in JPROC. A future CMAQ version

with two-way interactions with a meteorological modeling

system will allow calculations of radiative fluxes and

photolysis rates with predicted aerosol parameters from


Interpolation and cloud attenuation

The reaction-dependent photolysis rates for each cell are

estimated by the interpolation of the clear-sky values from

the table based on the latitude, height, and time from local

noon. Effects of clouds on the photolysis rates are estimated

following RADM. They depend on the relative location

(below, above, or within) of the cell to the cloud. The below

cloud photolysis rate (Jbelow) is calculated as:



n1051 - n1052 - n1053 - n1054 - n1055 - n1056 - n1057 - n1058 - n1059 - n1060 - n1061 - n1062 - n1063 - n1064 - n1065 - n1066 - n1067 - n1068 - n1069 - n1070 - n1071 - n1072 - n1073 - n1074 - n1075 - n1076 - n1077 - n1078 - n1079 - n1080 - n1081 - n1082 - n1083 - n1084 - n1085 - n1086 - n1087 - n1088 - n1089 - n1090 - n1091 - n1092 - n1093 - n1094 - n1095 - n1096 - n1097 - n1098 - n1099 - n1100


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