discrete compounds to the model species are mechanism

dependent. Currently, three mechanisms, RADM2, CB4,

and SAPRC99 (Carter [44]) are available. SMOKE also

provides a speciation of fine particulate matter into

elemental carbon, organic carbon, particulate sulfate, and

particulate nitrate. Current information on speciation data

and lumped profiles are available at

http://www.epa.gov/ttn/chief/emch/ speciation/.

4.5 Modeling Emissions By Source Type

Modeling of point, area, mobile and biogenic source

emissions requires use of different combinations of the

spatial, temporal, and speciation capabilities of SMOKE.

Point source processing addresses emissions from discrete

stacks or vents. Hourly emission estimates are computed by

applying factors to annual emission inventory data from

source category-specific temporal allocation profiles, or by

using source-specific hourly continuous emissions

monitoring (CEM) data, if available. The CEM data are a

subset of hourly emission data (CO, NOx, and SO2) derived

from continuous air pollutant concentration monitors

attached to components of specific facilities, usually boilers

or stacks of large point sources such as electric utilities.

SMOKE also calculates the plume rise and initial vertical

plume spread of point source emissions to determine the

vertical levels of the CCTM modeling domain into which

point source emissions should be introduced.




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