Recognizing that many meteorological models utilize

specific formulations suitable for certain scales of interest,

we designed CMAQ to be capable of coupling with many

different meteorological models by introducing the fully

compressible governing set of equations (FCGSEs). For

example, although neither MM5 nor RAMS exactly follows

the FGCSEs, their predictive variables can be transformed

into the required variables for the CMAQ system. The "oneatmosphere"

paradigm allows building of the on-line and

off-line modeling system using the same set of CMAQ

codes. The CMAQ system is not a monolithic model, but

rather a modeling system that allows users to build

customized chemical transport models (CTMs) for air

quality problems. It allows integration of multiple emission

processing models, meteorological models, chemistrytransport

models, and analyses of inputs and outputs.

Another key design choice is the use of the Models-3

Input/Output Application Programming Interface (I/O API)

(Coats et al. [26]), which is layered on top of the netCDF

(Rew and Davis [27]) standard direct access data file format

developed at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

The netCDF data format enables cross-platform transfer of

data without conversion. The I/O API is implemented in a

standard FORTRAN or C callable library for all input/output

in the AQM codes. Thus I/O efficiencies can be improved




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