The multiscale capability is supported by the governing

diffusion equation in a generalized coordinate system that

handles many map projections and vertical coordinate

systems, a scheme that maintains dynamic consistency with

the upstream (i.e., off-line) meteorology model, a nesting


approach, and a sub-grid plume-in-grid modeling technique.

The multi-pollutant (i.e., ozone, acid deposition,

particulates, nitrogen loading, and toxics) capability is

provided by the generalized chemistry mechanism

description, general numerical solver, and comprehensive

description of gaseous and aqueous chemistry and modal

aerosol dynamics.


Models-3 CMAQ was released initially in 1998, and

subsequently revised annually through 2003 to incorporate

new developments. The science documentation of CMAQ

[1] describes the state of science of the model as released in

1999 in detail. This paper provides an overview of the

Models-3 CMAQ system, governing equations, and science

algorithms of the system, including updates relevant to the

September 2003 release of the model system. However, the

main goal of the Models-3 CMAQ system is continuous

development of its science through community modeling

participation. Advancements in air quality model

technology could not be easily shared between models due

to the incompatibilities in the models. Models-3 CMAQ

intends to facilitate collaborative development and linking of

models for meteorology, emissions, air quality, and health

effects through an open-source advanced modeling system.

The modular science code structure allows continuous

improvement of its science components. The system is

expected to provide a common vehicle to advance

environmental modeling techniques for the science and air

quality management communities by incorporating

developments in physical and chemical science process




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