Ji photolysis rate

Js vertical factor of the Jacobian,

Js = ∂h /s

j space index or species index

KH horizontal eddy diffusivity in Cartesian


KHf a uniform horizontal eddy diffusivity at a

fixed resolution

KHT horizontal eddy diffusivity representing

transport effects

KHN horizontal eddy diffusivity compensating

numerical diffusion

Kzz vertical eddy diffusivity

Kˆ 11, Kˆ 22 , Kˆ 33 components of the contravariant eddy


Kˆ H

max domain maximun contravariant eddy


kl reaction constant for the l-th reaction


L liquid water content

Li loss ratio of species i due to chemical


Mk k-th moment of particle distribution

M0 0-th moment (total number) of particles

M2 2-nd moment (total particle) surface area

M3 3-rd moment (total particle) volume

m map scale factor

mi molar mixing ratio for species i

mibg background concentration for species i


cld in-cloud concentration for species i

moi initial molar mixing ratio for species i

mp concentration of sub-grid plume

m i mean molar mixing ratio for species i

N total number of particles

n particle number density

Pr precipitation rate

p atmospheric pressure

poo reference pressure (105 Pascal)

Qaero external source/sink of aerosol

Qρ mass consistency error term

Qζ source of entropy density

Qϕ i

source of pollutant mass

Qˆ mi source term in molar mixing ratio

q mixing ratio

q i mean mixing ratio of species i

qi ' turbulent component of species i mixing




n1001 - n1002 - n1003 - n1004 - n1005 - n1006 - n1007 - n1008 - n1009 - n1010 - n1011 - n1012 - n1013 - n1014 - n1015 - n1016 - n1017 - n1018 - n1019 - n1020 - n1021 - n1022 - n1023 - n1024 - n1025 - n1026 - n1027 - n1028 - n1029 - n1030 - n1031 - n1032 - n1033 - n1034 - n1035 - n1036 - n1037 - n1038 - n1039 - n1040 - n1041 - n1042 - n1043 - n1044 - n1045 - n1046 - n1047 - n1048 - n1049 - n1050


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