4. the ratio of the value obtained in 2. to the value obtained in 3. is applied to the value

obtained in 1.

A similar procedure for extrapolating to heights above the observed profile is applied to

heights below the lowest observed profile height.

7.11 Using Measured Mixing Heights

If measured mixing heights are available, then they are treated in the following manner: If

L>0 (SBL) the measured mixing height is defined as zie and it is treated the same as a calculated

mechanical mixing height (smoothed as explained in Section 3.4.2). If L<0 (CBL) the measured

mixing height is defined as zic, and zie is calculated from eq. (24), smoothed, then proceed as if

both zic and the smoothed zim had been calculated values.

If a user has “measured” mixing heights available (and chooses to use them), AERMET

defaults to substituting calculated mixing heights for missing measurements and a message is

written that a substitution has occurred. If the user elects to substitute calculations for missing

measurements, AERMET will print out a message to the message file for each hour that a

substitution has occurred.

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