7.3 Information Passed by AERMET to AERMOD

The following information is passed from AERMET to AERMOD for each hour of the

meteorological data record.

- All observations of wind speed (u); wind direction; ambient temperature (T); lateral

turbulence ( F

v); & vertical turbulence (Fw) with their associated measurement heights.

- Sensible heat flux (H), friction velocity (u*), Monin Obukhov length L, zim (for all hours),

zic & w* (for convective hours only), zo , r{N}, & Bo, d2/dz (above zi), uref , wind direction

at the reference height, zref , ambient temperature at the reference height (Tref) (not used in

AERMOD), & the reference height for temperature (zTref)

7.4 Restrictions on the Growth of PBL Height

AERMET restricts the growth of zi to a reasonable maximum of 4000 m. This restriction

applies to both calculated and measured mixing heights. Although mixing heights in excess of

4000 m may occur on rare occasions, in desert climates, the additional effect on surface

concentration is most likely insignificant.

7.5 Initializing the Mechanical Mixing Height Smoothing Procedure

If {t + )t}, in eq. (26), is the first hour of the data set then no smoothing takes place.

Furthermore, if a missing value occurs at time step t then smoothing is not performed at time step

{t + )t} but is restarted for subsequent hours.


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