mechanical portion of the vertical turbulence above the PBL (residual)

(m s-1)

FwT total vertical turbulence (m s-1)

Fxg longitudinal dimension of the building wake (m)


total lateral dispersion for the direct & indirect sources (m)

Fya,zaj ambient turbulence induced dispersion for the direct & indirect sources


Fzas ambient dispersion for the stable source (m)

Fyg distance from the building centerline to lateral edge of the building wake


Fyl lateral spread from combined effects of ambient turbulence and building

downwash (m)

Fzp total dispersion for the penetrated source (m)

Fzs total dispersion for the stable source (m)

Fzaj ambient vertical dispersion for the updraft & downdrafts plumes (j = 1,2),

respectively, for both the direct & indirect sources (m)

Fzej elevated portion of Fzaj (m)

Fzes elevated portion of Fzas (m)

Fzg height of the building wake at the receptor location (m)

Fzj total vertical dispersion for the updrafts and downdrafts

(j=1,2 respectively), for both the direct and indirect sources

Fzg surface portion of Fzaj (m)

Fzgs surface portion of Fzas (m)

J time constant controlling the temporal interpolation of zim (sec)


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