zc total height of the plume in the CBL considering both plume rise and

effects from convective turbulence (m)

zi mixing height (m): zi = MAX [zic; zim] in the CBL and zi = zim in the SBL

zic convective mixing height (m)

zie equilibrium height of stable boundary layer

zieff height of the reflecting surface in the SBL or in the stable layer above the

above the CBL (m)

zim mechanical mixing height (m)

ziu urban nighttime boundary layer mixing height (m)

ziuc urban nighttime boundary layer mixing height due to convective effects

alone (m)

Zmsl height of stack base above mean sea level (m)

zo surface roughness length (m)

zPG release height used in the Prairie Grass experiment (m)

zp receptor “flagpole” height - the height of a receptor above local terrain (m)

zr height of the receptor above local source base (m)

zref reference height for wind (m)

zTref reference height for temperature (m)

zt height of the terrain above mean sea level (m)

General symbol used to represent the effective parameters in the treatment ~α

of the inhomogeneous boundary layer. In the text the effective values of

the parameters u, Fw, F

v and TL are denoted by underscoring the character.

( parameter used to weight CAERMOD and CPrime in estimating concentrations

that are influenced by building downwash (dimensionless)


n1001 - n1002 - n1003 - n1004 - n1005 - n1006 - n1007 - n1008 - n1009 - n1010 - n1011 - n1012 - n1013 - n1014 - n1015 - n1016 - n1017 - n1018 - n1019 - n1020 - n1021 - n1022 - n1023 - n1024 - n1025 - n1026 - n1027 - n1028 - n1029 - n1030 - n1031 - n1032 - n1033 - n1034 - n1035 - n1036 - n1037 - n1038 - n1039 - n1040 - n1041 - n1042 - n1043 - n1044 - n1045 - n1046 - n1047 - n1048 - n1049 - n1050


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