T ambient temperature (K)

TLy lateral lagrangian time scale (sec)

TLzc vertical lagrangian time scale for the CBL (sec)

TLzs vertical lagrangian time scale for the SBL (sec)

Tr Time scale used in the meander algorithm (sec)

Tref ambient temperature - at reference temperature height (K)

Ts stack gas temperature (K)

Tu urban surface temperature (K)

t time (sec)

)T difference between stack gas and ambient temperature (K)

)Tu-r urban-rural temperature difference (K)

u wind speed (m s-1)

ucr minimum speed for which the expression for u*, in the SBL, has a real

valued solution (m s-1)

uo defined in eq. (14) and used in eq. (15).

up wind speed that is used for plume rise (m s-1)

uref wind speed at reference height (m s-1)

uth wind speed instrument threshold - separate value for each data set (offsite

& onsite) (m s-1)

u*eff effective surface friction velocity (u*eff) - surrogate for w*u (m s-1)

u*u surface friction velocity for nighttime urban conditions (m s-1)

w random vertical velocity in the CBL (m s-1)

w mean vertical velocity for the updraft (j = 1) and the downdraft (j = 2) j

distributions (m-s-1)

ws stack exit gas velocity (m-s-1)

w* convective velocity scale (m-s-1)

w*u urban nighttime convective velocity scale (m-s-1)

X non-dimensional downwind distance (dimensionless)

xr downwind distance to a receptor (m)

xf distance to final plume rise (m) - eq. (44) for the CBL and eq. (96) for the


xm downwind distance at which plume material uniformly mixed throughout

the boundary layer (m)

(xr,yr,zr) receptor location

(xt,yt,zt) terrain point location

zbase user specified elevation for the base of the temperature profile (i.e.,

meteorological tower)


n1001 - n1002 - n1003 - n1004 - n1005 - n1006 - n1007 - n1008 - n1009 - n1010 - n1011 - n1012 - n1013 - n1014 - n1015 - n1016 - n1017 - n1018 - n1019 - n1020 - n1021 - n1022 - n1023 - n1024 - n1025 - n1026 - n1027 - n1028 - n1029 - n1030 - n1031 - n1032 - n1033 - n1034 - n1035 - n1036 - n1037 - n1038 - n1039 - n1040 - n1041 - n1042 - n1043 - n1044 - n1045 - n1046 - n1047 - n1048 - n1049 - n1050


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