H sensible heat flux (W m-2)

Hc critical dividing streamline (m)

Hp plume centroid height (m)

Hu heat flux in the nighttime boundary layer (W m-2)

hc receptor specific terrain height scale (m)

hep penetrated source plume height above stack base (m)

hs stack height corrected for stack tip downwash (m)

)h general symbol for distance dependent plume rise (m)

)hd plume rise for the direct source (m)

)heq equilibrium plume rise in a stable environment (m)

)hh depth of the layer between zi and the stack top (m)

)hp plume rise for the penetrated source (m)

)hi plume rise for the indirect source (m)

)hs plume rise for the stable source (m)

iz vertical turbulence intensity

k von Karman constant k = 0.4 (dimensionless)

l length scale used in determining the Lagrangian time scale (m)

ln neutral length scale - a component of l (m)

ls stable length scale - a component of l (m)

L Monin-Obukhov length (m)

N Brunt-Vaisala frequency (s-1)

Nh Brunt-Vaisala frequency above zi (s-1)

n cloud cover (fractional)

P population of urban area

py lateral probability density function

pz vertical probability density function

pw probability density function of the instantaneous vertical velocities

Q source emission rate (g/s)

R solar insolation (W m-2)

Rn net radiation (W m-2)

Ro clear sky solar insolation (W m-2)

r(N) Albedo {solar elevation} (dimensionless)

rN noontime albedo (dimensionless)

rs stack radius - corrected for stack tip downwash (m)

ry lateral dimension of an elliptical plume

rz vertical dimension of an elliptical plume


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