155  Conflicting Decay Keyword.  The ISC models allow for the user to specify the rate of exponential decay either in terms of the half‑life (HALFLIFE keyword) or the decay coefficient (DCAYCOEF keyword).  If both keywords are specified, then only the first one will be used, and inputs for the second one will be ignored.


157  EMISUNIT keyword used with more than one output type.  If both concentration and deposition are being output for the ISCST model, then the EMISUNIT keyword cannot be used.  To specify emission or output units, the CONCUNIT and/or DEPOUNIT keyword should be used.


158  EMISUNIT keyword used with CONCUNIT or DEPOUNIT keyword.  The EMISUNIT keyword may be used if a single output type (CONC, DEPOS, DDEP or WDEP) is being generated, whereas the CONCUNIT or DEPOUNIT keywords must be used if more than one output type is generated.


160  Duplicate ORIG Secondary Keyword for GRIDPOLR.  Only one origin card may be specified for each grid of polar receptors.  The network ID for the effected grid is included with the message.


170  Invalid Secondary Key for Receptor GRID.  The network ID for the effected grid is included with this message. Refer to Appendix B for the correct syntax of secondary keywords.


175  Missing Secondary Keyword END for Receptor Grid.  The END secondary keyword is required for each grid of receptors input by the user (keywords GRIDCART and GRIDPOLR).  It signals the end of inputs and triggers the processing of data for that particular network.


180  Conflicting Secondary Keyword for Receptor Grid.  Two incompatible secondary keywords have been input for the same grid of receptors, e.g. GDIR and DDIR for the keyword GRIDPOLR, where GDIR specifies to generate directions with uniform spacing, and DDIR specifies that discrete, non‑uniform directions are being specified.


185  Missing Receptor Keywords.  No Receptors Specified.  Since none of the RE pathway keywords are mandatory, a separate error check is made to determine if any of the RE keywords are specified.  At least one of the following keywords must be present: GRIDCART, GRIDPOLR, DISCCART, DISCPOLR, or BOUNDARY.


190  No Keywords for OU Pathway and No PERIOD or ANNUAL Averages.  All of the OU pathway keywords are optional, and in fact the model will run if no keywords are specified on the OU pathway as long as PERIOD or ANNUAL averages are being calculated.  However, if there are no OU keywords and no PERIOD or ANNUAL averages, then there will be no output generated by the model, and this fatal error message will be generated.



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