Detailed Error Message File.

     The user may select an option for the model to save a separate file of detailed error and other messages, through use of the CO ERRORFIL keyword.  The format and syntax of these messages is described in Appendix E.  The order of messages within the file is the order in which they were generated by the model.  The file includes all types of messages that were generated.

     The error message file is explicitly opened by the model using a Fortran OPEN statement, and the integer variable, IERUNT, specifies the unit number for the file.  The variable IERUNT is initialized to a value of 10 in a BLOCK DATA subprogram of the model.  The IERUNT variable is included in a named COMMON block (FUNITS) in the MAIN1.INC include file, and is therefore available to all of the necessary subroutines. Intermediate Results File for Model Re‑start.

     The ISCST model has an optional capability to store intermediate results to an unformatted (sometimes called binary) file for later re‑starting of the model in the event of a power failure or user interrupt.  This unformatted file may therefore be used as an input file to initialize the model. This option is controlled by the SAVEFILE (saves intermediate results to a file) and the INITFILE (initialize result arrays from a previously saved file) keywords on the CO pathway.

     When saving the intermediate results for the re‑start option, the user specifies the name of the unformatted results file on the SAVEFILE keyword.  The user has the option of specifying a single filename, two filenames (for alternate saves), or specifying no filename.  The default filename used if no parameter is provided is SAVE.FIL.  If a single file is used, then the intermediate results file is overwritten on each successive dump, with the chance that the file will be lost if the interrupt occurs during the time that the file is opened. If two filenames are provided, then the model also saves to the second file on alternate dumps, so that the next most recent  dump will always be available.  The main save file is explicitly opened by the ISCST model, and the integer variable, IDPUNT, specifies the unit number for the file.  The variable IDPUNT is initialized to a value of 12 in a BLOCK DATA subprogram of the model.  If a second save file is used, then it is also opened explicitly, and the integer variable IDPUN2, initialized to a value of 14, specifies the unit number.

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