3.9.2 Description of ISC Output Files

     The ISC models produce a variety of output files, including the main print file of model results, an unformatted file of intermediate results for later re‑start of the model (ISCST only), and several output data files for specialized purposes.  These files are described in detail below. Output Print File.

     Each of the ISC models produces a main output print file of model results.  The contents and organization of this file for the ISCST model were shown in Figure 2‑5.  This file includes an echo of the input runstream images at the beginning of the file (up until a NO ECHO input is encountered).  A summary of runstream setup messages and a summary of the inputs follow the echo of inputs.  The input summary includes a summary of modeling options, source data, receptor data, and meteorological data, following the same order as the pathways in the runstream file.  If model calculations are performed, then the model results are summarized next.  The content and order of the model result summaries depend on the output options selected and on the particular model being run. Following the detailed model results are summary tables of the high values for each averaging period and source group (ISCST only).  The final portion of the main output print file is the summary of messages for the complete model run.

     For the PC‑executable versions of the models available on the SCRAM BBS, the main print output file is explicitly opened by the models using a Fortran OPEN statement, and the integer variable, IOUNIT, specifies the unit number for the file.  The variable IOUNIT is initialized to a value of 6 in a BLOCK DATA subprogram of the model, which corresponds to the default output unit for Fortran.  The IOUNIT variable is included in a named COMMON block (FUNITS) in the MAIN1.INC include file, and is therefore available to all of the necessary subroutines.

     Since the main print output file is opened explicitly, the  model will take the second parameter on the command line when running the model as the output filename.  No DOS redirection symbol should be used preceding the output filename.  If an output file is not given on the command line, then the model will return an error message and abort execution.

     By opening the printed output file explicitly, the outputs are not automatically formatted for the printer.  This formatting is accomplished using the CARRIAGE CONTROL specifier in the OPEN statement for the Lahey extended memory version of the models, and by explicitly writing the ASCII form feed character to the file for the Microsoft DOS version.


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