3.8.3 Long Term Model Options

     The ISCLT model has three keywords available on the OU pathway to specify the output options.  The RECTABLE and MAXTABLE keywords are similar to the corresponding keywords for the ISCST model in that RECTABLE specifies the options for tabular summaries of results by receptor, and MAXTABLE specifies options for tabular summaries of overall maximum results.  The third keyword, PLOTFILE, is also similar to the corresponding keyword for ISCST, and allows the user to generate separate output files suitable for importing into graphics packages to generate contour plots.  However, the parameters on these keywords differ between the two models because of the different data structures of the models.

     For the Short Term model there are several short term averages during the data period, from which the model sorts and stores the highest, second highest and third highest values at each location, whereas for the Long Term model, there is only one long term average result at each location.  Because of these differences in the data structure, the Long Term model is able to store the results for all sources at each receptor location, in addition to the combined source group values. Therefore, the output keywords for Long Term include options to summarize results for each source or for the source groups, and also to provide source contribution information for the maximum source group values (thereby eliminating the need for a Long Term EVENT model).

     The syntax and type for the Long Term RECTABLE keyword are summarized below:




Optional, Non‑repeatable

where the INDSRC secondary keyword specifies that summaries of individual sources for each receptor are to be output, and the secondary keyword SRCGRP specifies that summaries of source group values for each receptor are to be provided.  The user may select either option or both options in a given run.  The individual source values are presented first in the output  file, with the results by receptor network followed by any discrete Cartesian receptors, discrete polar receptors and boundary receptors.  The source group results follow the same pattern as the individual source tables.  A complete set of summary tables is output for each STAR summary processed, and for the PERIOD averages, if calculated.


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