Alphabetical characters can be input as either lower case or upper case letters.  The models convert all character input to upper case letters internally, with the exception of the title fields and file names to be discussed later.  Throughout this document, the convention of using upper case letters is followed.  For numeric input data, it should be noted that all data are assumed to be in metric units, i.e., length units of meters, speed units of meters per second, temperature units of degrees Kelvin, and emission units of grams per second.  In a few instances, the user has the option of specifying units of feet for length and the model will perform the conversion to meters.  These exceptions are the input of receptor heights for elevated terrain and the specification of anemometer height, since these values are often more readily available in feet than in meters.

     Certain keywords are mandatory and must be present in every runstream file, such as the MODELOPT keyword shown in the example above which identifies the modeling options.  Other keywords are optional and are only needed to exercise particular options, such as the option to allow for the input of flagpole receptor heights.  Some of the keywords are repeatable, such as the keywords to specify source parameters, while other keywords may only appear once.  The keyword references in Section 3, Appendices A and B and the Quick Reference at the end of this volume identify each keyword as to its type, either mandatory or optional, and either repeatable or non‑repeatable.

     With a few exceptions that are described below, the order of keywords within each pathway is not critical.  For the CO  pathway, an exception is that the MODELOPT and POLLUTID keywords must be specified before the DCAYCOEF or HALFLIFE keyword because of the link between the urban default option and the decay coefficient for SO2.  For the SO pathway, the LOCATION keyword must be specified before other keywords for a particular source, and the SRCGROUP keyword must be the last keyword before SO FINISHED.  For keywords on the SO pathway that accept a range of source IDs, the source parameters specified by those keywords will only be applied to the sources already defined, and will exclude any sources that are specified latter in the input file.




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