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Calculation models.- This option is to decide the mathematical model that will be used in the calculation. We can choose between two different models: Classical CUSTIC model and ISO-9613. The ISO method of calculation can be used for punctual sources considering humidity, temperature and the solid angle for the source. In the case of roads, only angle solid effects will be considered when the ISO option is activated. 

GIS.- In this option it can be found all necessary to work with geographical information system. Coordinates of the origin: With this command we can choose the value for the origin of coordinates. It is initially in the left bottom corner of the program window. It is possible to work with geographic and Cartesian coordinates.


Reference points.- With this command we can decide the coordinate values of a point, that we previously know, in the map in order to have a referenced system. It is possible to work with geographical and Cartesian coordinates. After that, it will be possible to export the results to a GIS system.


Radius of curvature.- By means of this command, you can choose a value for the Earth radius. This radius can be slightly modified to adjust the reference system with the available data. The program considers the Earth as a perfect sphere with an exact radius. We know that this is not exactly true. This option is to correct this kind of effects.


Scale calculation.- With this command it is possible to estimate the map scale that corresponds to a background image, that has trees previously imported by the user. It is necessary to know the distance between to different points in the map. After introducing the distance data, you can click consecutively both points, and the scale will be automatically calculated.






Noise map for a road in ArcView that has been previously calculated by CUSTIC. The data have been exported in EXCEL and imported by ArcMap.




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