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Applications 1: outfall modeling · discharge simulation and sewage · effluent modeling and wastewater · outfall and plume simulation · pycnocline · thermocline · ouftfall simulation and water quality · water contamination · effluent and water discharge ·  fluid flow modeling · flow analysis · environmental protection · environmental analysis


(b) Distant mixing zone:


In such a case, we approach


F1(t)=(2π)-1/2B σy-1/2




being σy=(B2/16+2Kyt)1/2. Here, we suppose that the plume was homogenized vertically when the water depth was Hh, that is the depth in the point where the thickness of the plume begins to occupy the whole layer of water. The program calculates considering the bottom of the sea like a flat surface. Then, Hh is the water depth at the location of the deepest outfall. If you want to consider a higher water thickness than outfall depth, you can draw a deeper outfall whose pollutant concentration is null. In asuch a case, the water depth is the depth of the deepest outfall. The calculation will not be affected by the null concentration of the deepest outfall.



Errors and comments in the model: 


(*) We have found, in our opinion, typographic errors in Orden del 13 de Julio de 1993 del Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes del Reino de ESPAÑA, B.O.E. Martes 27 de Julio de 1993, página 22861 that we have corrected considering mathematical consistency. The software assumes the present corrections in the calculation.


(**) Important note for DESCAR 3.0 (or lower versions):

In the approved model, T90 is un hours (this is used by the program). However, and in equation F0(t)=10-t/T90  of the approved model(1), time must be in seconds . Following criteria of mathematical coherence and results T90 must be expressed in seconds (multiply by 3600 seconds in one hour). At this point, the user can work following two different ways: using the approved model as is or rectify in the T90 input data. For example, for a T90=2 hours value, the user can introduce as input data:

(a) Following the approved model:

1/T90=0.5 hours-1 as input data. Then, write 0.5 in the window textbox for a T90=2 hours value .

(b) Following criteria of mathematical coherence and results:

1/T90=1/(2 x 3600)=0,000278 as input data. Then, write 0,000278 in the window textbox for a T90=2 hours value.

(1) Orden del 13 de Julio de 1993 del Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes del Reino de ESPAÑA, B.O.E. Martes 27 de Julio de 1993, página 22861.

(***) In the model, it is not found a relationship between Qb y Q. This relation must be n (number of ports). The calculations assumes that Qb y Q are the same (that is always true for a single port). You can introduce a number of ports in the model parameters window.



Orden del 13 de Julio de 1993 del Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes del Reino de ESPAÑA, B.O.E. Martes 27 de Julio de 1993, página 22861, I. Disposiciones generales. Proyecto de conducciones de vertidos desde tierra al mar.

Gerard Kiely, 1999. Ingeniería Ambiental. Fundamentos, entornos, tecnologías y sistemas de gestión. Ed. McGraw-Hill.

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Secretaría Provisional del Convenio de Estocolmo y la Unidad de Información para convenios del PNUMA, 2003. Eliminando los COP del Mundo: Guía del convenio de Estocolmo sobre contaminantes orgánicos persistentes.  Publicado por PNUMA.

IKSR 2000 : M. Braun, “The Pathways for the most important hazardous substances in the rhine basin (during floods)”, International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine, Koblenz, Germany, in Int. Symposium on River Flood Defence, Kassel,, Kassel Reports of Hydraulic Engineering No. 9/2000




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